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The Party Doesn’t Start Without Us 

Space Karaoke houses the karaoke industry’s latest and best equipment, supporting over 50,000 songs and over 10 rooms, we’re perfectionists of elegance and quality.
Perfect for corporate & private events, we can accommodate your needs for the best experience Manhattan has to offer.

The Heart of Manhattan

Located on 32nd Street in between Broadway and 5th Ave, we’re open at 6 PM or earlier to cater to the corporate drones and closes past 4 AM to accommodate the late-nighters.

Space Karaoke NYC - Koreatown Bar in Midtown Manhattan

Space Karaoke NYCKoreatown Bar in Midtown Manhattan

Our Mission

What We Are

Karaoke, Lounge, Bar, Corporate Venue, Private Event Space, Happy Hour Rendezvous, Party Planner, Date Spot, Hangout Zone

Hours of Operation

Sunday – Thursday
6:00 PM – 4:00 AM

Friday – Saturday
4:00 PM – 5:00 AM

We hope to ensure every guest receives prompt, friendly, professional, friendly and courteous service.

Our facilities are maintained to provide a clean, comfortable and well maintained environment for our guests and staff.

Our prices are reasonably priced to guartenee a fair value – nutritional, well-prepared meals – using only quality ingredients.

To ensure that all guests and staff are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. To thank each guest for the opportunity to serve them.

By maintaining these objectives we shall be assured of a fair profit that will allow us to contribute to the community we serve.

Hourly Rates & Pricing


Whether you’re planning for Grandpa’s 70th birthday party or looking for last-minute plans during a late night with friends, we can accommodate groups of all sizes. You can use the booking tool below to reserve with our business in real-time.

Contact Us

Do you have special requests or have a large group?
Feel free to contact us with any questions for your event.
We will reach back out to you within 24 hours for more information.

We can accommodate a maximum of 200 people, catering options available.
All patrons must be properly clothed and be at least 21 years of age with valid ID.

Customer Success Stories

YOU ARE why we do what we do.
We would not be able to strive for excellence without candid and honest reviews.
Take a look at what our customers have to say.

  •   IF YOU ARE IN KTOWN, COME HERE! YOU WON'T REGRET IT. We were actually eating across the street and the owner came over to give us flyers for discount and said he was going to take care of us. He definitely took care of us as the bouncers outside just kind of rudely brought us up the elevators and tried to tell us there was going to be a long wait. The minute we asked to see the guy we spoke to, he got us in right away into a room. All of these rooms are very nicely designed, best one i have seen anywhere and we go karaoke a bit in New Orleans! You will not find any kind of hospitality in New York City but no kidding, this man showed us the best time here in New York. They constantly came in with discounts for us and giving us things we didn't even ask for or ordered. We enjoyed our time here so much, thank you for your kind service!!!

    thumb Leslie N.

      Dear upper management,
    You seriously need to get rid of the blonde guy. We walked in as a group of 6 around 3:30am. We were not even greeted with a hello or anything, he legit straight up said " do you have reservation?" I said no and he DEAD SERIOUSLY STRAIGHT UP SAID " can you please get the fuck out then?" With the creepiest smile on his face. I honestly didn't even know what to say because I was so taken back by this. I mean who in the world curses at a customer? I understand working in a night life industry can be very frustrating but no matter what the circumstances is you can't talk to ANYONE like that. I've never felt more disrespected my whole life. If you want to run a proper business please get rid of this psychopath

    thumb Annie C.

      I love the quality of the mic here!! the sound was really niceee and had a great service! thank u!!!!

    thumb Jessica Juyeon P.
  •   Enjoyed this place so much. Great karaoke for a small price. Well priced drinks and lots of fun. Definitely would go again.

    thumb George K.

      Door guy is cool, Kay, however I just got kicked out after 3 hours. Have been in here several times before, we are locals and always look for an opportunity to sing our hearts out. This time, because we weren't drinking, they kicked us out after 3 hours and claimed we were busy. Ive been in here several times and had a 4 hour limit so can only think that they pushed us for a more revenue group. Very disappointing and decided to go downstairs to the competition to give them my money and business.

    thumb Christine B.

      I've been a regular customer in Ktown... but didn't go to Space Karaoke until a friend took me  there. Ever since then, it's an amazing place and a lot of fun! The staff there is AMAZING, friendly, and they really take care  of you! Especially Sammy and Morgan! Whenever you go, look for either one of them as they are awesome. They look out for you, and are always willling to help. I've known Sammy for a while now, and no matter what, he is always friendly and is always super nice to me and my friends whom most are new to the Ktown experience.

    thumb Daniel C.
  •   Be careful of the slippery tables in the Karaoke rooms.

    I accidentally spilled my Long Island iced tea (I was sober) and I told the waiter who came to clean it up and he told me it's okay and that he was going to bring me another one but he did not. Another waiter came in and she said she was going to bring me another drink but she did not. And then the manager came in and told me he was going to charge me for an extra Long Island iced tea. I DONT THINK THE WAITERS should be telling me that they're going to bring me another Long Island Iced Tea for free after I spill it if they're not going to. And then they just tell me they're going to charge me for it? That's just messed

    thumb Linda T.

      Great place. Good book of songs. Good time.  

    Aaron is a great host. Speedy drinks and great price on kareoke bottomless. 5oo5 stars.

    thumb Wilson C.

      If you look for Night for karaoke, the best choice is this place. This place is new so facilities are so fancy and fresh. They have good wine list and good food(snacks and flatter). There are so many people on the weekend. However, there cool lounge, you can spend the good time while waiting time.

    thumb Hye Ree P.
  •   The doorman out front told us "come to Space Karaoke upstairs." We were with a group of 6 people and asked him what the price of a room would be to which he responded "$25/hr + $5 per person beyond 4 guests." So we said okay $35 for an hour that's great. We waited at least 30 minutes for a room and we confirmed with one waiter it would be that price. When we got into the room, we were told by a different employee it would actually be $50/hr. When I asked why the doorman AND waiter told us differently the manager said he didn't know his OWN employees were misinforming the public. We stayed because it was still a fine enough price, but were just frustrated at them for not acknowledging they made a mistake and didn't think to stick to their word. The menu also says "20% service gratuity will be added to groups MORE THAN 6 guests," and we were given our check to find the gratuity already tacked on when we had exactly 6 guests (one of our friends also left 20 minutes into being there). The staff was unhelpful, the price not as advertised, and honestly the experience as a whole left us upset at the establishment. Also, many of the songs we sang didn't even have the correct corresponding lyrics...so what's the point of karaoke? One star because we had ourselves a good time when the staff wasn't with us.

    thumb Julia K.

      Me and my friend were trying to get a private karaoke room but the deal just to get one was just utterly ridiculous. The guy helping us with the reservation told us it was $30 per hour for a room plus we had to spend at LEAST an additional $50 on food and drinks. While a $30 rate seems to be the standard pricing for these karaoke lounges around the area, the $50 contingency really put us both off.

    Otherwise it had a really cool bar vibe with open mic karaoke in the bar lounge area but was surprisingly empty for a Friday night.

    thumb Thu T.

      I've been a regular of Korea Town for over 20+ years.  This venue simply has it all, great decor, good food menu, awesome song selection, and there is happy hour until 8pm.  I'm even considering booking the lounge area as the bar tenders are friendly, fast, and make some mean-ass cocktails.  As far as I am concerned, there is no other Karaoke to visit when in NYC.

    thumb B G.
  •   So a bunch of things happened tonight and I'm going to recount them exactly how it happened, if you're upper management, feel free to contact me, I will happily speak to you after the BS that happened to me tonight.

    I went to go pay, I'm waiting like normal to close out, and I see a man who I don't know take a tablet, similar to an Applebees tablet, that is on the bar next to me, FACING customers, and he closes someone out, who I assume is him. So I think "oh I can pay and tip on a tablet that is awesome", I'm clearly wrong, and I've worked in service for years, when a customer makes a mistake you stop him and explain what's wrong, like any normal adult, BUT your manager came to me and shoved me, and told me if I touch that again I'm getting kicked out and then kicked me out. I was LITERALLY trying to PAY and TIP, which I luckily did, but I got assaulted instead, I'm a Puerto Rican guy, idk if that matters, but to be shoved makes you think. If you want to refute this please let me know, but all I wanted to do was pay for my drinks and instead the manager shoved me and kicked me out.

    thumb Alexander L.

      Very fun for kareoke bar for birthdays. Been to ther places but this was one of the better k town bars.

    thumb Dennis J.

      First time go to this place and we love the vibes, cocktails and the karaoke price  the drinks are good with decent price.
    Definitely worth to try

    thumb Irfan M.
  •   Traumatic and worst experience. Way overpriced especially with gratuity. Staff was tremendously aggressive continuously harassing my party to pay the extra money that they overcharged us. The song selections were trash & the words to follow along did not match up with the audio. Additionally, the drinks were extremely watered down. Had a way better experience at Karaoke City!

    thumb Yasmine B.

      Honestly the best place in town for friends! We had a birthday party here and also went here with my company one night on a Wednesday - absolute blast!

    They had great open bar deals with a good variety of drinks. Really shocked how nice the place was, very bougie yet comfortable environment!  Super hot people there too, shocked to see how many were there!

    Definitely a good place for a corporate outing or party! Open bar specials kept me there after our karaoke!

    thumb Alexandra R.

      Great vibes, great music, a lot of fun great bartender tanya. Would definitely recommend if you're looking for singing and a fun time.

    thumb Chris L.
  •   This place is awsomeeeeee!! People are really nice and kind. I like how they decorated this place since this Karaoke name is "space" they put those little cute alien all over.  It was brand new experience for me. Also the bar in this place is awsome. This pretty bartender name Junie was kind as well. I will definitely come back!!

    thumb Yura Y.

      Amazing place to be!
    Good vibe good drinks and all the employees are super helpful and nice!

    thumb Shannon J.

      Quality of the sound and mics were good. Staff were accommodating and friendly on a busy Saturday night. Totally worth it and my go to place now!

    thumb Lin P.
  •   Great experience for a friend's birthday. Morgan is an awesome bartender and gave us an awesome bday party. Love this Ktown spot!

    thumb Mary Kate D.

      Great place! Tanya was fantastic! Great selection of songs, and a friendly, groovy place! Definitely recommended!

    thumb Kaileigh O.

      Best place ever. Such cute bartenders  plus I love karaoke. Super nice people and accommodating

    thumb Mandy N.
  •   This is the 'TOP' karaoke in K-town. Both the room and the bar was really clean and brand new. Lighting system was also really good and had super fun night. Reasonable price and employees were really friendly.

    thumb Jae C.

      Perfect setup. Perfect location. 2 hours top shelf open bar for $60? Nice. Guess what? When you get there it's a whole different story. Open bar does not include all the "top shelfs" (Remy Martin, Tennessee Honey Jack). Not to mention they are watered down. $60+ gratuity became , $264 gratuity for a group of 20. After they told us we can tip after. The Karaoke wasn't all that either. They didn't have current music, and you had to search for songs through a 300+ page book. This place could be 5 stars if they were genuine. Also be aware of the food and drinks. Food was undercooked. About 10/20 friends were on the toilet because of their food. BEWARE.

    Update - 2 friends contracted food poisoning from this place.

    thumb Jeff N.

      This is an awesome place to hang with friends. Really has a great vibe and I highly recommend this for everyone who likes good KTown karaoke

    thumb Maneo C.
  •   Great staff. Very fun rooms. Amazing selection of songs, and very reasonable rates! The rooms are very stylish and modern. I especially appreciate how much due care they put to cover the microphones so we don't get anyone else's icky germs.

    5/5, I would recommend for birthday parties, corporate events, or just a fun night!

    thumb Mergim S.

      We had such a fun night at space karaoke! I am traveling from out of town, and we don't have karaoke rooms where I'm from. What a delightful experience! The rooms are intimate, clean, high-tech, and they have every song you could ever want to sing. This place is a must visit!

    thumb Erin B.

      If you're looking for nice, clean, and trendy rooms this is the spot. Friendly employees and great sound system. They even have beer pong room!

    thumb Morgan J.

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